3 Ways to Clean a Silicone Bowl

Have you been wondering how to clean your Silicone pipe?

A silicone pipe comes in pretty handy when you have a tendency to break your pipes. There is usually a glass bowl inside, but it is encased in Silicone. If you drop it, you are much less likely to break it.

I was looking at the black, sticky resin inside of my bowl the other day when it occurred to me… I didn’t have the slightest idea how to clean it.

That was when my search began and how we got to where we are now.

So, how do you clean a Silicone pipe?

I have found that there are three different methods for cleaning your Silicone pipe. And they all appear to be effective. However, I only used one technique while cleaning mine…

1. The plastic bag method

What you need:

  • A plastic Zip-Loc bag (I used a freezer bag, because it is stronger than a sandwich bag.
  • Water
  • Dish Soap
  • White or Apple Cider Vinegar

Pop the glass bowl out of the Silicone pipe and bang out any resin that will easily come out of the opening. Then, place the Silicone pipe into the plastic bag with some hot water, a few drops of dish soap and a couple teaspoons of the Vinegar.

Close the bag and shake it gently with the pipe inside. This will help to loosen the resin inside of it.

Leave the pipe in the bag for two hours.

Give the bag another gentle shake and then take the pipe out. Rinse it under how water. If there is any residue left inside, use a cotton swab to push it out.

Rinse the glass bowl with hot water and dish soap and pop it back into the pipe, and you’re good to go!

2. The Freezer Method

Pop the glass bowl out of your pipe and put it aside.

Shake out any residue chunks that will easily come out of the opening.

Run the pipe under some hot water and then put it in the freezer for thirty minutes to an hour.

Once the residue is frozen, simply tap the bowl onto a hard surface until all the resin has come out. If there is any resin left over inside, use a cotton swab to push it out.

3. The pipe cleaner method

What you’ll need:

  • Pipe cleaners
  • Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Paper towels

If you are used to cleaning a glass pipe, you’re familiar with this method.

Rinse the bowl under hot water. Place your finger over the carb and pour some Isopropyl Alcohol into the pipe through the opening in the stem. Then place your finger over the hole in the stem. Shake the pipe vigorously for a few minutes. This will break up some of the resin inside and sterilize the pipe.

Grab your pipe cleaners and get to work on digging the resin out. It’s not the easiest method, but it should take less time that freezing or soaking it.

Now that your pipe is clean

It’s going to smoke much better and the taste is going to be better. This is because the air flow isn’t obstructed with all that nasty, old resin.

Pack it up and smoke away!

Are you wondering where to get a silicone pipe? Check out this link.

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